A New Chapter

Well, last time I was blogging I was living a life many hope to experience  in Europe. It’s been three months since I’ve returned from living in Spain as an Au Pair and I have decided to start a new chapter in life. Last week I packed my bags, said goodbye to friends and family and moved to North Carolina. court-reporters-in-raleigh-nc.jpg

Those of you who know me know I love adventure, so this new adventure in my life is an exciting journey for me! Not only do I get to spend time with my mom and step-dad who live here, but searching for jobs excites me as I transition into this new stage of my life. Graduating with a marketing & event management degree, working with the owner of an event company and the experience I have from serving for the last 5 years has me feeling prepared to take on the next opportunity I’m offered!

While the recent relaxation has been great since getting settled in here, I’ve decided it’s time to start blogging again! So, stay tuned and wish me luck in my new journey and job hunt..



A Weekend in Marseille

Before coming to Europe I knew I wanted to travel as much as my budget would allow me to. With constant trains and buses it’s much easier, and cheaper, than one would think to get from point A to point B. This past weekend 4 other au pairs and I decided to book a spontaneous trip to the south of France! With our tickets, Airbnb and boat excursion booked we hopped on an overnight bus to Marseille for the weekend!

Marseille-FranceScreen Shot 2015-07-17 at 3.47.17 PM

With a long list of places I dream of visiting in Europe, the south of France was definitely at the top of that list. Being only a 4 hour drive away, Marseille seemed like the best destination for us. While the traveling wasn’t the most comfortable, a 70 dollar roundtrip ticket was impossible to pass up! Arriving early Saturday morning we had 2 full days to explore so we didn’t waste any time and headed straight for the Old Port where a boat was awaiting us.

The Calanques was our first destination for a little boat tour of the waters where we were able to jump in and snorkel a bit, which is something I have never done before, followed by a bottle of wine to enjoy on the ride back to the Port. I can’t even put into words how breath-takingly beautiful the water in the Calanques was. The color and transparency was something I never see back home in little old Vermont so just being surrounded by it on a boat was an amazing experience!


Following our boat ride we headed to our apartment which was situated in the center of the town and cleaned ourselves up a bit before heading out to explore Marseille and grab some food. For a night in Marseille the cost was 120 US Dollars, which divided between 5 girls was a bargain for being centrally located like we were. I encourage any au pairs reading this to try and travel as much as you can because it’s so so so worth it!!


The next day the girls and I decided to really be tourists and take the mini train that takes you around the town to see all the city has to offer. It took us all the way to the Notre-Dame de la Garde which would have been a very steep walk uphill by foot. The views definitely didn’t disappoint…


Overall the trip was another amazing memory for the books with some pretty incredible people. It’s memories like these that I will cherish forever and everyday am more and more grateful I have the opportunity to experience. Here’s a short little movie I put together with all the footage from the weekend!

Life as an Au Pair

Before coming to Spain I told myself I was going to blog weekly about my life as an Au Pair, and I must admit I’ve been majorly slacking! It’s hard to find the time here when the days seem to never end. Literally, never end.. My entire time-table has shifted from waking up at 7am, eating lunch at 2 or 3 o’clock and having dinner as late as 10pm! And not to mention I’m having the time of my life and visiting the most incredible places. But with that being said, I promise to start blogging more frequently about my adventures and life as an Au Pair.

Since my last post I have definitely gotten much closer with the boys I take care of. Read More »

The Girlfriend Is Gone For The Summer…

I have the best (& most supportive) friend in the worldddd!!

Vega Table

My bestie is gone for the summer. My best friend, soul mate, other half, partner in crime, and girlfriend is gone for the summer. That sucks. BUT, how could I be mad when she is living in a place with a view like this:

Emily Spain 1   spain-girona

Emily is in Girona…which is in a state (?) called Catalonia…which is in Spain…I’m pretty sure. It would make sense because she told me instead of speaking Spanish, the family she is Nannying for speaks Catalan (which is a language I didn’t even know existed) I swear she is living in a different world!

I’m so proud of her for taking this opportunity to go out there, and am clearly living vicariously through her…she is a brave gal for taking on another culture for three whole months. This is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am a bit envious not…

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Summer in Spain – Week 1

Well, I have officially spent my first week in Spain! For those of you reading this who don’t know, I am spending my summer months abroad as an Au Pair in Girona, Spain which is about a 50 minute drive north of Barcelona. I graduated college and decided that this was what I needed to do before settling down somewhere and finding a “real job.” I have finally settled into my new home with my family and am no longer jet-lagged from the 6 hour time difference. My little room here in Girona is officially my home away from home for the time being and I couldn’t be happier!Read More »

What’s Trending Now

Another week, another viral hashtag in social media land. Hashtags are known to go viral and can often be used to bring light to an important topic. Other times it can be the complete opposite and this week I saw a perfect example of each. First, because I’ve seen it flooding my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram… the #KylieJennerChallenge. Read More »